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Hoisin Sauce - Bring More Zing to Your Recipes
Date:2020-07-01 10:15:30


          If you love Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine, then Hoisin sauce is a great condiment for your kitchen. It is such a versatile sauce that you can use in stir-fries, marinades, or you can drizzle it on your salads too. This tangy sauce is made from soybeans, sugar, garlic, plum, and Chinese five-spice powder. It has a distinct sweet and salty flavor and can bring zing in your boring recipes. One greater thing about Hoisin sauce is that you easily use it in your vegan recipes as there are not any animal products.

          Here I am going to share my favorite recipe with Hoisin sauce.  

Hoisin Chicken and Broccoli 

           It is a simple but delicious recipe, and I love to make it for family dinner.


• Half kg of Bites size boneless chicken chunks

• Broccoli florets as much as you want

• Hoisin sauce half cup

• two tbsp sesame oil

• three tbsp canola oil

• Half tsp paprika powder

• Salt per taste

• Two tbsp sliced almonds ( for garnishing)

• One tsp sesame seed( for garnishing)

How to Prepare?

         1. Take a skillet and put it over medium flame. Add canola oil in it and brown your bite-sized chicken conks. Cook for almost ten minutes. Add also broccoli

         2. Florets and stir well. Sprinkle salt and paprika powder to chicken and broccoli.

         3. Add half cup Hoisin sauce to coat the chicken and broccoli. At this stage, you can add some water to thin the consistency of the sauce.

          4. After adding the after reducing the heat, cover the skillet. Let it simmer over a slow flame until meat and broccoli get tender. It will take fifteen minutes to cook when your meat and broccoli get tender and then transfer them into a serving bowl.

          5. Drizzle some sesame oil and seeds for flavor. Garnish sliced almonds and serve hot.

 Some Other Unusual Ways to Use Hoisin Use

          1. I love to take a dip with Hoisin sauce with my French frieze or any other recipe which requires a dip. I Laos love ego pair this dip with my grilled seafood. Make a dip by combining ¼ cup of Hoisin with ¾ cup of mayonnaise. Whisk them well to make another sauce of smooth consistency.

           2. I love spicy food, so to make my Hoisin sauce spicier, I love to add two tbsp of rice binger and one tsp red chili flakes, a pinch of salt to one cup of Hoisin sauce. Whisk them well to make a homogenous mixture. You can use this new sauce as a dip or marinade for your grilled meat. You can use this ace in your pole pork or seafood to make it speedier.

           3. One cup of hoisin sauce, half cup of my, one tsp mustard sauce, three tsp mariachi sauce, a pinch of salt add all ingredients in a bowl and whisk them well. Take a toasted bread slice, and spread the sauce, put some shredded chicken with cheese, cover them with another toasted slice. A spicy homemade sandwich is ready.