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Desly Premium Dark Soy Sauce 500 ml
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Product Name

Premium Dark Soy Sauce


NON-GMO raw material; Top grade soy sauce with high content of Soybean; No Preservatives


Darker Brown and Lustrous Color


Rich and Savoury Taste

Main Ingredients

Water,Soybean(NON-GMO),Salt,Wheat flour,Sugar,Caramel(E150),etc.


Soy Bean,Wheat


Energy : 420kJ            Protein: 6.0g          Carbohydrate : 16.5g          Sodium: 5100mg                                

Serving Suggestion

Premium dark soy sauce mainly used for coloring,marinating and stewing to enhance the taste and appearance of various dishes.

Shelf Life

24 months


Close the lid tightly and keep refrigerated after use.

Delivery Time

15-25 days



        Desly Premium Dark Soy Sauce

        Ideas to use Desly’s dark soy sauce


        You can use dark soy sauce to bring dark amber color in stir-fries like Beef & Broccoli fried vegetable rice and noodles. You can bring fantastic colors to Supreme Soy Sauce Fried Rice and Cantonese Pan-fried Noodles. 

        In short, if you are feeling your dish is lacking the color or not looking attractive; add few drops dark soya sauce to bring zing in your recipes.


        If you are running out of brown sauce, use the less quantity of dark soy sauce to bring the exact color to your favorite dish.

        You can use dark soy sauce for making different salad dressings. You can combine Desly’s Dark Soy Sauce mayonnaise and Desly’s Chilli Garlic Sauce to make a tasty dip or salad dressing.

        I like to drizzle dark soya sauce along with some lemon juice on y lettuce wraps.