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Jade Bridge 1.86 L Chili Oil
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Product Name

Chilli Oil


Chilli Oil to Flavor Your Food





Main Ingredients

Chilli Oil




Energy : 3700kJ           Protein: 10g            Carbohydrate :12 g           Sodium: 0mg                                                  

Serving Suggestion

Perfect for cooking and dressing all types of dishes, salad, noodles and soups.

Shelf Life

24 months


Close the lid tightly and keep refrigerated after use.

Delivery Time

15-25 days




1.Are you a manufacturer? 

        Yes, we’re professional manufacturer since 1999 in providing high quality foodstuffs.BRC organization certified  Factory with Good Price,Heathy & Safty products

2.Can you help me make my own brand product? 

        Sure.OEM brand can be accepted when your quantity reach to an appointed amount.

3.Can I visit your factory ?

        We warmly welcome customers to visit us. Before you come here, please advice your schedule, we can arrange attentive service for you.

4. Can you provide me your catalogue?

        Sure,Pls kindly send your request to us via info@deslyfoods.com 

How to Use Our Chilli Oil Product

You can use our product in plenty of different recipes, some of them, I mention below;

1.Xian Famous Hot Rice Ribbons

        Noodles from the Chinese are famous for their signature balance of hot and sour. Simultaneously, a combination of seasoned vinegar and soy sauce boosts the flavor, our chilli oil rife with star anise, cumin, and more that makes this dish leap into a wildly aromatic flavor dimension.

2.Sichuan Wontons

        Without a slick chili oil and vinegar, Sichuan wontons will be a plain dish of pork wrapped in dough. You should ensure to lay on the condiments with this recipe.

3.Spicy Grilled Pizza with Peppers and Sausage

        Olive oil with chilli drizzles over this crisp, yummy grilled pizza, but you can also use our chilli oil instead of this oil.

4.Eggs with Chili Oil

        Chili oil will offer a tastebud-awakening fire that will enhance the taste of yolk. Our product is perfect with fried eggs/ steamed rice, or if you prefer eggs scrambled.

        Health Benefits of Our Chilli Oil Product

        Chilies aid in cognitive issues by permitting the correct quantity of oxygen and iron to pass your body. By doing so, if you include our product in your diet, you are more likely not to grow mental conditions like dementia in your old age.

        By offering your body iron, it aid in reducing conditions like Anemia due to its adequate percentage of folic acid.

        The folic acid itself aids in fast cell growth, mainly if you are pregnant.

         Our chili oil also reduces the risk of heart disorder as it comprises a high level of potassium.

         Potassium mineral itself aids in smooth blood flow throughout your body. Therefore, each time you use our oil, the heat rush sensation you experience is your airways getting oxygen.