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150 ml Gluten Free Less Salt Dark Soy Sauce
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Product Name

Gluten Free Lee Salt Dark Soy Sauce


Low salt, FREE of MSG, NON-GMO raw materials


Bright Light Red Brown Color With Golden Shine


Salty and Little sweet.

Main Ingredients

Water, Non-GMO Soybean, Salt, etc.


Soy Bean,Wheat


Energy : 162kJ     Protein:3.1g      Carbohydrate : 6.4g      Sodium: 4541mg                                                  

Serving Suggestion

Mainly used for flavoring food by marinating, cooking and dipping.

Shelf Life

24 months


Close the lid tightly and keep refrigerated after use.

Delivery Time

15-25 days




1. Are you a manufacturer? 

Yes, we’re professional manufacturer since 1999 in providing  high quality foodstuffs.

BRC organization certified  Factory with Good Price,Heathy & Safty products

2.Can you help me make my own brand product? 

Sure.OEM brand can be accepted when your quantity reach to an appointed amount.

3. Can I visit your factory ?

We warmly welcome customers to visit us. Before you come here, please advice  your schedule, we can arrange attentive service for you.

4. Can you provide me your catalogue?

Sure, Pls kindly send your request to us via info@deslyfoods.com 

150 ml Gluten Free Less Salt Dark Soy Sauce

        The Best Tasting, Gluten-Free Soy SauceWhich sauce fits your dietary needs when you're on a gluten-free journey? Gluten-free eating becomes challenging when it comes to sauces, as they contain hidden gluten. If you've landed here, it means you're also searching for gluten-free condiments. 

        Do you know soy sauce is used as a thickener in most of the Asian cuisines? If you're on a gluten-free journey, you don't need to skip your favorite sauce. Just go for gluten-free soy sauce and enjoy delicious recipes.

        Desly Foods Gluten-Free Soy Sauce

        So, if you're a gluten-intolerant person and looking for gluten-free soy sauce, Desly Foods gluten-free soy sauce is the right choice for you. Being Japanese, I must say that this sauce has helped me a lot in gluten-free eating and is best for persons with celiac disease. I love this gluten-free soy sauce.